Child Support

Child Support Overview in Minnesota

The parents of a minor child have an obligation to provide financial support to that child. Courts in Minnesota must include (in any decree of dissolution, legal separation or annulment) an order properly setting forth child support (see Minnesota Statutes section 518A.38, subdivision 1).

Basic support includes the basic obligations as defined under Minnesota Statutes section 518.A.34. These obligations include the dollar amount ordered for a child’s food, housing, clothing, education costs, transportation costs and other expenses related to the child’s care. Basic support does not include daycare and medical expenses for a child. A parent’s child care and medical support obligations are calculated separately.

Basic support is calculated as set forth under Minnesota Statute section 518.34.

Activity Fees and Private School Tuition

Other expenses such as activity fees, private school tuition and post-secondary education are addressed through negotiation (and sometimes through litigation). These areas can cause conflict between parents, especially as a child enters adolescence and becomes more involved in extracurricular activities such as sports and music.

Issues and conflict often arise when determining gross income, especially in cases involving parents who are self-employed or who receive commissions or bonuses from their employer. The current state of the economy has also impacted the ability of many parents to pay child support as ordered by a court. In some cases, courts may reduce child support obligations through the modification of an existing child support order.

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