Each Divorce case is unique and the legal approach taken will vary depending on the facts of the case and the needs and interests of the client.  Financial issues such as property division, asset valuation, spousal maintenance, retirement account analysis, cash flow and tax issues are vital components of a Divorce case.  For parties with minor children, the resolution of parenting time and custody matters will provide a framework for effective co-parenting.  Please contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.


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Financial Issues


The Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) process is voluntary and is moderated by a neutral evaluator (either a lawyer or a CPA) who has a substantial understanding of financial issues involved in divorce and family law matters, such as property and asset valuation and division, spousal maintenance (alimony), real estate issues, cash flow, debt division, business analysis, present value calculations for pensions as well as and retirement account analysis and tax issues associated with divorce.

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Child Issues

For parties with minor children, divorce includes more than just the division of assets and debts, it also includes parenting time, child custody and other issues that impact children.  It is important to retain an experienced divorce and family law law firm who can effectively advocate your position during the case, and who understands every phase of the family law legal process. Approximately 95% of cases settle through agreements reached by the parties.  Alternative dispute resolution is part of every divorce and family law case.  In some instances, a case proceeds to trial to resolve the contested legal issues.

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