Family Law Updates

Family Law Updates
2710, 2022

How to Help Your Children Adjust to a Divorce

October 27, 2022|Family Law Updates|

A divorce can be unsettling for everyone involved, including your children. If your children are struggling to cope, you can do a few things to make this transition period easier. Here are three tips to help your children adjust to a divorce. Provide Emotional Support Children can react to a [...]

2709, 2022

Divorce Camp 2022 – Lake Harriet Law Office is pleased to be a Gold Sponsor

September 27, 2022|Family Law Updates|

Lake Harriet Law Office is a Gold Sponsor at Divorce Camp 2022, which takes place September 29 - October 2, 2022, at Madden's on Gull Lake.  This year's theme is negotiation.  A fitting topic as we leave the Covid pandemic behind.  The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Minnesota Chapter organizes [...]

2008, 2022

Spousal Maintenance – The 8 Factors and Equalizing Income

August 20, 2022|Family Law Updates|

In Minnesota, the topic of spousal maintenance (also referred to as alimony) is a frequent area of dispute during a divorce.  Spousal maintenance is awarded to meet need, and it depends on a showing of need.  The marital standard of living is analyzed in detail, along with cash flow and [...]

508, 2022

Congratulations to Taylor Blatchford on her new law clerk job with Judge Tracy Perzel!

August 5, 2022|Family Law Updates|

Taylor Blatchford worked as a Student Attorney at Lake Harriet Law Office during her 1L, 2L and 3L years of law school.  Taylor graduated from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in June, 2021.  Prior to attending law school, she earned a B.A. in Communication Studies and Criminal Justice from Iowa [...]

108, 2022

Spousal Maintenance and Returning to Work

August 1, 2022|Family Law Updates|

There are many aspects of a person’s life that shift during divorce. One major point of contention that comes to mind when thinking about divorce is finances, more specifically how each party will support their new household.  Often, one party has stayed at home for a majority of the marriage [...]

2007, 2022

Manage the Stress of Divorce Through Meditation to Stay Healthy

July 20, 2022|Family Law Updates|

Your mind is constantly busy, bouncing from one idea to another.   This is particularly true during traumatic events like divorce. Thoughts about the situation can keep circling in your head, increasing worry and anxiety. In addition, the burden of balancing your feelings while adjusting to the realities of moving, budgeting, [...]

107, 2022

3 Helpful Legal Tips from Celebrity Divorces

July 1, 2022|Family Law Updates|

Hollywood is one of the toughest places to build long-lasting relationships. Unfortunately, toxic relationships can have significant consequences years after a divorce, as evidenced by the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial earlier this year. Even though the couple divorced in 2016, there were still issues that remained unaddressed, which [...]

2704, 2022

The Role of Attachment in Parenting Time and Custody Evaluations

April 27, 2022|Family Law Updates|

When determining the best interests of a child for purposes of determining issues of custody and parenting time, the court considers the intimacy of the relationship between the parent and the child and the interaction and interrelationship of the child with the parent. Minn. Stat. § 518. 17, Subd. 1(a). [...]

1401, 2022

5 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy During a Divorce

January 14, 2022|Family Law Updates|

Going through a divorce can take a toll on your mental health. You may face feelings of guilt, and your spouse may intentionally cause anxiety, making a complex process even harder. In addition, parents have the added stress of taking care of children alone or attempting to co-parent through a [...]

810, 2021

3 Ways to Stay Mindful During Divorce

October 8, 2021|Family Law Updates|

The process of divorce can be incredibly stressful and traumatic. The experience can change you and make you forget who you really are. Practicing mindfulness can help you stay grounded and focused so you can make it through and thrive. Here are three ways you can stay mindful during a [...]

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