6 Tips for Getting Through a Divorce

Every divorce and circumstance is different, but one aspect is true for all couples: Divorce is difficult. Even when a marriage ends amicably, it is a significant change for you, your family, friends, and finances. To find your way to the other side of divorce is not an easy road, but there are ways to minimize the damage to your life and restore your relationship with yourself. Here are six tips to help you through this difficult time and begin to find your new path.

1. Not everyone needs to know the details. If you are angry, you may want to tell everyone what a jerk your spouse was and justify why you left. Don’t. Find a few people you can trust to vent to but do not tell everyone you know the dirty details of your divorce. You will regret it later.

2. Don’t make people choose sides. You likely have friends that you met as a couple, and they are put in a compromising position if you make them choose between you or your spouse. If you want to maintain the friendship, let them know it is fine if they still see your ex.

3. Take care of yourself. Use this time to focus on doing what is best for you. Eat better, exercise, get a massage and spend some extra time working on your wellness.

4. Do the things you couldn’t do when you were married. Did you not go to many concerts during your marriage because your spouse didn’t like your music? Find the things you put aside for your spouse and begin enjoying them again.

5. Get away. There is nothing like a trip away from the familiar to help you begin planning your future. Go for a weekend to a cabin on a lake, or take a week to fly away to your favorite destination. Just take time for yourself and begin the process of moving on.

6. Trust your lawyer. Find a great lawyer who will help you through the tough legal and financial aspects of your divorce. Listen to their advice and trust that the process will ensure you receive the rights you are entitled to when the proceedings come to a close.

At Lake Harriet Law, we focus solely on family law and work diligently to help our clients through the difficult process of divorce. We are here to help mitigate the financial, tax, child custody and other legal issues of your divorce to ensure you are prepared for your life ahead. Contact us to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you get through your divorce with the best results.

Published On: August 7, 2018Categories: Family Law Updates

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