A Positive Divorce – What We Can Learn From Celebrities

There are certain normal events which create major stress in our lives. The top category is life transitions. These transitions include moving, starting a new job, marriage, divorce, and death. It’s tempting to instantly categorize each of these events as a positive or negative experience, but any one of them could be either, depending on the circumstances. Is it also possible one’s own choices in how to handle them can help determine whether the effects of the event are positive or negative? While, clearly, divorce is not something a couple aspires to when they decide to marry, is it possible to make an unavoidable end-of-marriage something that doesn’t leave a trail of havoc and destruction in its wake?


Divorcing in the Public Eye Is No Fun

If you’ve ever experienced an impending or past divorce, you recognize the discomfort of having your personal life on display, with others forming opinions and taking sides. Imagine going through that on the national or global level that celebrities experience. Tabloid journalism aside, celebrities have fan bases, some of which are all too eager to enter the “he said, she said” arena in favor of their idol. Gossip happens on a larger scale, and often the divorcing parties and their families experience additional pain, including damage to career reputations and their children having to live with the consequences of their parents’ public lives.


Keeping It Positive and Private

Perhaps it’s ironic that celebrities who best keep their divorce details private do it with coordinated public statements, controlling the dissemination of information as a united team. They stay positive, working together to prioritize the best interests of their kids and careers. Note the public statements of these famous couples who divorced:


Van Jones & Jenna Carter  “Though we have decided to end our marriage…There is no beef or drama, just evolution.”


Robert DeNiro & Grace Hightower  “We are entering a period of transition … and ask for privacy and respect from all as we proceed to develop our roles as partners in parenting.”


Channing & Jenna Tatum  “We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple. We fell deeply in love so many years ago … but (we’re) taking different paths… realizing it’s time to take some space.”


To avoid painful, costly arguments, these celebrities had goals to minimize the fallout and move on with life. Staying positive, attempting to be fair and refusing to cast dirty laundry around might be the real lesson here. Hiring attorneys who can give honest assessments of your particular situation and counsel regarding divorce law, without creating more drama and expense, is an invaluable investment in your future happiness. 

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Published On: May 2, 2019Categories: Family Law Updates

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