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Parties involved in Divorce and Family Law cases often use the Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) process to help resolve issues involving child custody (both physical and legal custody) and parenting time issues – these areas fall under the SENE umbrella.  Also, the ENE process can assist parties with the resolution of financial matters (referred to as FENE) including the equitable division of assets and debts, spousal maintenance (alimony), retirement account issues, real estate valuation, non-marital claims and high asset issues.  Both SENE and FENE processes are designed to help the parties come to agreements on the contested issues of a case.  Because Courts are often backlogged with cases, most Judges are proponents of both processes as they tend to help parties come to agreements more efficiently and without the need for frequent Court appearances.

Attorney Randall A. Smith conducts both SENE and FENE in Family Law cases.  Mr. Smith also conducts mediation in Divorce and Family Law cases, including cases involving complex financial issues and in high-asset cases.

Some of the primary areas of dispute in Divorce and Family Law cases include division of assets and debts, spousal maintenance (alimony), child support, child custody, parenting time arrangements and parenting plans, real estate issues, business issues, parenting time, retirement account and pension valuation and non-marital claims.

Lake Harriet Law Office is an experienced law firm that represent clients in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Scott County, Ramsey County, Wright County and throughout the Twin Cities.  Please call top Attorney and Mediator Randall A. Smith at 612-750-4843 to schedule a consultation.

Published On: January 28, 2013Categories: Family Law Updates

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