How to Help Your Children Adjust to a Divorce

A divorce can be unsettling for everyone involved, including your children. If your children are struggling to cope, you can do a few things to make this transition period easier. Here are three tips to help your children adjust to a divorce.

Provide Emotional Support

Children can react to a divorce in a multitude of ways. There may be feelings of anxiety, anger or sadness. Your child may act out or withdraw. Do your best to control any emotional outbursts around your child and provide support for your child to open up about any feelings. Have an open conversation about the divorce and answer questions that may arise. 

Establish a Structured Routine

A divorce can lead to numerous changes in a child’s daily routine. For example, your child may have to adjust to two separate households. Keep the child’s schedule as structured as you can to help relieve anxiety and stress. If possible, create a co-parenting plan with your ex-spouse, so daily activities and routines are the same in both households as much as possible. Common focus areas should include sleep, homework times and household rules.

Get Professional Help

Getting professional help can be beneficial for your child’s adjustment after a divorce. A therapist can provide tools for your child’s emotional well-being. A family law attorney can assist you in legally navigating co-parenting conflicts that may result in physically, mentally or emotionally damaging situations for your child. 

Minnesota Divorce Legal Advice and Representation

It can take time for your child to adjust successfully after a divorce. If you have any questions concerning child support or co-parenting matters, you may want to seek advice from an experienced family law attorney. Lake Harriet Law Office can help provide expert legal advice and representation on all types of divorce matters for Minnesota families in the Twin Cities area. Request a consultation to discuss your case today. 

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Published On: October 27, 2022Categories: Family Law Updates

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