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Attorneys Randall A. Smith and Amber C. Bretl represent clients in Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, Property Division, Spousal Maintenance (Alimony), Complex Cases and Family Law Appeals.

Financial Acumen and Asset Division

In Divorce cases, financial expertise it vital, including the ability to precisely value Assets (such as Retirement Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, Real Estate, Businesses, Pensions, S-Corporations and Personal Property), to accurately trace Marital and Non-Marital Assets (when required) and to prepare a Balance Sheet identifying Assets and Debts as of the valuation date as determined by the Family Court.

Use of Financial Experts During Divorce

The use of a CPA, Actuary, ASA or Real Estate Appraiser may be required in order to provide valuations of various assets, such as a 401k, 403b, Qualified Plan, ESOP, IRA or Pension (including Teacher, Nurse, Physician, Carpenter, Professor, Electrician, Plumber, Police Officer, Firefighter) and Business, Partnership and Real Estate valuations.

ADR/Dispute Resolution During Divorce

Hennepin County, in particular, has a well developed Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process in Divorce and Family Law cases that may include the use of Early Neutral Evaluation (Social ENE and/or Financial ENE) and also Family Mediation.

These ADR process were developed to help parties address conflict in a constructive manner during the early stages of a case, and sometimes, during the late stages of a case.  Make certain that the lawyer you hire has extensive experience in ADR processes.

Spousal Maintenance, historically, has been frequently appealed in Hennepin County; property division and child custody are also areas where appeals are quite regular.

In some cases (though infrequent) the parties resolve some or all of their disputes at a Trial, where the outcome is never predictable, and the decision of the Court is sometimes appealed (through a Family Law Appeal) to the Minnesota Court Of Appeals.

Hire A Highly Experienced Divorce Law Firm

It is important to have a highly experienced attorney who can effectively advocate your position, and who can properly address complex legal issues during the case.  Make sure that the lawyer you hire to represent you has a substantial understanding of the complexities of Family Law; also, inquire about the number of years of practice experience the lawyer has specifically in the areas of Divorce and Family Law.

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