1310, 2014

Minnesota Divorce and Property Division

October 13, 2014|

During a Minnesota Divorce case, the division of assets, property and debts requires financial acumen and attention to detail.  The division of assets during a Divorce does not need to be mathematically equal, only equitable.  In many cases, the parties agree to divide the assets on the balance sheet in [...]

1608, 2013

Top Reasons To Use A CPA During A Divorce

August 16, 2013|

The primary reasons to use a CPA during a Divorce includes: 1) to determine the present value of certain assets; 2) to perform non-marital tracing of retirement account assets such as a 401k or 403b, and 3) to prepare cash flow and tax scenarios.  Present value calculations can be difficult, [...]

2112, 2012

Hennepin County Collaborative Divorce

December 21, 2012|

In Minnesota, Collaborative Divorce (also referred to as Collaborative Practice) the parties agree to have their case resolved without court appearances and without unnecessary conflict.  In Collaborative Divorce, the parties sign a Participation Agreement at the beginning of the case that describes how the case will be handled, including rules [...]

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