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2203, 2018

Top Minnesota Divorce Issues – Depletion vs. Dissipation of Property

March 22, 2018|

Although Depletion and Dissipation of property carry different meanings, in Minnesota the terms are generally used synonymously by the Court, and by Divorce lawyers.  Dissipation is defined by Minnesota case law as "wasting or expending funds foolishly." Volesky v. Volesky, 412 N.W.2d 750 (Minn. Ct. App. 1987).  Spouses have a [...]

2502, 2013

Hennepin County Property Division

February 25, 2013|

Under Minnesota law, there are two types of property associated with marriage. "Marital Property" refers to almost all property that you and your spouse received or acquired during the marriage, even during the times you were separated, including real estate, cabins, rental property, household goods, automobiles, boats, jewelry, antiques and other items. "Non-Marital Property" refers to: [...]

1801, 2013

Minnesota Divorce – Hennepin County Spousal Maintenance

January 18, 2013|

Spousal maintenance (also referred to as alimony) is one of the most challenging and difficult issues associated with divorce.  The outcome is often unpredictable and frequently litigated in courts throughout Minnesota. Judicial discretion is a major component of spousal maintenance.  The decision by a Judge to award spousal maintenance to either [...]

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