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501, 2018

Minnesota Divorce and Property Division – Equitable vs. Equal.

January 5, 2018|

Equitable does not necessarily mean equal (check Black's Law Dictionary).  In Minnesota Divorce cases, the division of Assets and Debts does not need to be mathematically equal, and you are not entitled, under Minnesota law, to "exactly half ."  Minnesota Statute 518.58, subd. 1, states that the District Court is required [...]

2703, 2017

Divorce Topics – When It’s Time to File a Family Law Appeal

March 27, 2017|

No one gets married and expects to find themselves going through a divorce. It affects everyone involved: the spouses, children, and can even affect extended family, like parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. It is an extremely emotional time when people are choosing a new direction for their lives and the [...]

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