2709, 2013

Child Custody – Best Interest Factors – Minnesota

September 27, 2013|

In Minnesota divorce and family law cases, evaluating child custody, at times, can be a very complex process.  Minnesota Courts use the child's best interests as the guiding principle when determining child custody (there are 13 different statutory best interest factors and 1 case law imposed best interest factor, which [...]

909, 2013

Top Minnesota Child Custody Questions – Family Law

September 9, 2013|

During a Minnesota Family Law case, the 3 most frequent questions regarding child custody are (1) What is legal custody ? (2) What is physical custody ? and (3) Do most parents share legal and physical custody?  Legal custody refers to the right to make decisions about how to raise [...]

901, 2013

Minneapolis | Hennepin | High Conflict Divorce

January 9, 2013|

One of the more frequent concerns for people considering a divorce is whether the case will be (or needs to be) contentious and adversarial in nature.  This depends on many things, including the personality of the parties and the attorneys, and whether the parties are open to using methods other [...]

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