304, 2015

Top Question – Minnesota Divorce and Property Division

April 3, 2015|

During a Minnesota Divorce case, parties frequently have issues regarding the division (and proper valuation) of assets.  Minnesota law requires an "equitable division" of assets (and the same applies to debts).  The division is quite often something other than 50:50; there is no requirement that the division be precisely equal. [...]

1601, 2015

Top Questions In Minnesota Divorce – Property Division

January 16, 2015|

Minnesota Divorce and Property DivisionIn Minnesota Divorce cases, the division of assets and debts is a process that requires financial expertise and attention to detail; the division of assets does not need to be mathematically equal, and you are not necessarily entitled, under Minnesota law, to one-half of the marital assets.  [...]

1404, 2014

Minnesota Divorce – Non-Marital Financial Tracing

April 14, 2014|

In Minnesota, it is quite common for one spouse to own assets, property or real estate that is non-marital, either in part, or in whole.  If an asset is both marital and non-marital, it is frequently necessary to perform a non-marital tracing of the asset, performed by a Neutral Actuary, [...]

1207, 2013

Minnesota Divorce – Marital and Non-Marital Property

July 12, 2013|

In many Minnesota Divorce cases, a spouse owns property that may be non-marital, either in part or in whole.  Property can be both marital and non-marital (for example: a house, a cabin, retirement accounts or business assets).  If an asset is both marital and non-marital, it may be necessary for a CPA, Actuary [...]

906, 2013

Top 3 Financial Issues in Minnesota Divorce

June 9, 2013|

In Minnesota, the 3 most challenging Financial Issues during Divorce are 1) the present value calculation of assets; 2) non-marital claims, and 3) spousal maintenance (alimony).  Present value calculations can be difficult, and may require the assistance of a CPA, Actuary or CFP.  Pensions, annuities and business valuations are three [...]

1912, 2012

Minneapolis Divorce | Tax Issues and Children

December 19, 2012|

The tax benefits for a qualifying child are: 1) Head of Household filing status; 2) Child and Dependent Care Credit; and 3) Earned Income Credit.  These three benefits can only be claimed by a parent who meets the definition of a custodial parent pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 152(e)(4)(A).  There [...]

1411, 2012

Minnesota Divorce | Real Estate and Assets

November 14, 2012|

Debts, like assets, are presumed to be marital, and the party seeking to have credit card debt deemed non-marital bears the burden of proof.  Berlinerblau v. Berlinerblau, A10-952 (Minn. Ct. App. May 9, 2011) Minnesota Court Of Appeals reversed and remanded the trial court's findings on the division of credit [...]

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