703, 2014

Minnesota Divorce and Spousal Maintenance

March 7, 2014|

In Minnesota Divorce cases, Spousal Maintenance (also referred to as "Alimony") is a topic that is often misunderstood, frequently litigated at the District Court level, and is often appealed to the Minnesota Court Of Appeals.  Spousal Maintenance, unlike Child Support, does not provide the parties with a basic formula to [...]

1109, 2013

Top Reasons To Use An Actuary in a Minnesota Divorce

September 11, 2013|

In a Minnesota Divorce case, the most frequent reasons to use an Actuary are 1) to determine the present value calculation of an asset, such as a pension; 2) to perform calculations related to non-marital claims, and 3) to run financial projections and scenarios based on risk and other assumptions.  [...]

2411, 2012

Divorce – Asset Division

November 24, 2012|

A just and equitable division of marital assets does not need to be mathematically equal.  An award of 53.8 percent of the marital estate to the Wife and 46.2 percent to Husband was upheld in the case of Trosvig v Trosvig, A-10 (Minn. Ct. App. May 31, 2011).  During divorce, [...]

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