1907, 2013

Minnesota Divorce – Top 5 FENE Issues – Financial

July 19, 2013|

A Financial Early Neutral Evaluation, or FENE, is quite common during a Minnesota Divorce Case.  Top issues during a FENE include 1) whether non-marital assets exist and need to be traced  2) the valuation of assets 3) property and asset division  4) spousal maintenance issues  5) debt division.  An Actuary, [...]

1404, 2013

Top Minnesota Divorce Issues – Property Division

April 14, 2013|

In Minnesota, more than 50% of all married couples will be divorced at some point.  The Divorce and Family Law process can be complicated, and requires experienced legal representation in order to provide the best opportunity for a proper and equitable resolution of the contested issues.  Financial issues are frequently [...]

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