802, 2013

Hennepin County Divorce | Complex Assets

February 8, 2013|

A just and equitable division of assets does not need to be mathematically equal, and you are not necessarily entitled, as a matter of law, to "half of your half" (although this is how family lawyers frequently explain asset division to their clients).  In many divorce cases, the parties simply [...]

1411, 2012

Minnesota Divorce | Real Estate and Assets

November 14, 2012|

Debts, like assets, are presumed to be marital, and the party seeking to have credit card debt deemed non-marital bears the burden of proof.  Berlinerblau v. Berlinerblau, A10-952 (Minn. Ct. App. May 9, 2011) Minnesota Court Of Appeals reversed and remanded the trial court's findings on the division of credit [...]

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