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As a family law firm, we spend a lot of time discussing divorce and everything it entails. However, without marriage, there would be no divorce, and as a result, no use for us and our services. The idea of marriage is beautiful. In today’s world, there are still many people who dream of finding the perfect person and settling down to build a home and a family. While times have changed and marriage is no longer a necessity in some people’s minds, it is still one of the ideals society holds dear. With the way society has changed, it may not matter who marries who, but people still want that piece of paper with the benefits that come along with being legally married.

That Piece of Paper

From a legal standpoint. Marriage is simply a contract. It is a contract that two people will financially and contractually become joined. While each person is entitled to be an individual, they now have the right to make medical decisions for one another, file taxes together, avoid testimony against one another, and pass property to one another in death without a will. Romantic, right?! In many ways, it is beyond romantic. It is a level of trust that cannot be explained until you experience it. Without that piece of paper, you may own property together and raise children together, but you are not bound to one another through the law. You can walk away financially at any time and not look back. That “piece of paper” makes that an impossible feat. You are bound for better or for worse, until you are not, through death or the other “d” word: divorce.


Statistically speaking, it is estimated that approximately 45% of marriages end in divorce. For our business, that is great, but we are actually romantics at heart. Our romantic side does not like this statistic at all. However, this statistic is better than 30 years ago, when it was over 50% of marriages ended in divorce or separation. There are many factors and speculation as to the cause of the rising rate of divorce since the 60’s. One speculation is the fact that, women are no longer expected to marry and stay at home. Also, many people marry later in life than before. They have careers and baggage. This would seem to be something to help in the decline in divorce rates, however, there are still some people that cannot adjust to married life. Also, there are more resources and easily accessed public information to aid a spouse in leaving an abusive marriage, which did not exist in the 60’s. Finally, some speculate that people have realized that kids are never the right reason to stay married. Children statistically strive in happy homes, whether they are one parent or two parent homes. Homes in which parents stay together just for the kids are anything but happy, and children are perceptive to this.

The truth is, marriage is lovely. When two people truly love each other, and are willing to work together in life, they will be unstoppable. However, the key word here is work. Marriage is work at times. It is not for the weak of heart. If you are in a marriage that is not beautiful and you are ready to move on, contact the experts at Lake Harriet Law Office at 612.750.4843.

Published On: April 21, 2017Categories: Family Law Updates

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