When Divorced Parents Struggle to Create an Effective Parenting Plan

Creating an effective parenting plan is one of the best ways to prevent conflict arising after a divorce. The time that both parents spend with a child or children is essential for the well-being of all involved. 

Managing parenting time is often contingent on other life commitments, such as work. Get it right, and children will benefit from quality time with both parents. Get it wrong, and conflicts that occur will negatively affect relationships. 

Parenting Plan Challenges

Work commitments present one of the most significant challenges when creating a parenting plan. Conflicting schedules may make it difficult for parents to share equal time and responsibility. Compromise is an essential aspect of overcoming these challenges. 

Another consideration related to work is the potential for schedule or career changes. A parenting plan should cover such eventualities. The alternative is divorced parents clashing over whose responsibility it is to care for children, ending in going back to the courts. 

Travel Arrangements

Children need to travel between two or more households when parenting is shared. How this will look on paper will depend on the specific circumstances of each parent. If both parents can drive, sharing the responsibility is usually the fairest approach. 

 If one or both parents do not drive, travel arrangements become more problematic. Coming to an agreement that is least stressful for all parties is a sensible approach. You may need help from family and friends, which should be fully discussed as part of your parenting plan. 

These are just some of the hurdles you may face when creating a parenting plan. Financial considerations are also important to discuss, even if you intend to secure alimony through the courts. If you would like guidance on creating an effective parenting plan in Minneapolis, MN, call Lake Harriet Law Office for a consultation today.

Published On: September 28, 2020Categories: Family Law Updates

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