We’ve Implemented Zoom and Phone Consultations

Lake Harriet Law is open and taking a new approach to initial consultations with new clients.  Due to COVID-19, our firm has been working remotely since mid-March.  We are now back at the office, but are not currently having any new or current clients come into the office for your and our safety.  Generally, we like to meet our new potential clients in person, but because of the Pandemic, we will be hosting these meetings via Zoom or a phone call.  Zoom is an online platform that sets up video conferences and is free for you to use.

Initial Family Law Consultations

What is an initial consultation?  Initial consultations are a chance for us to get to know you, and to become familiar with your specific situation.  They are also a chance for you to get to know the firm, how we practice, what the process will be like, and the legal options you have for your case.  Initial consultations are typically 45 – 60 minutes and are confidential.

We Practice Exclusively in Divorce and Family Law

Located in the historic Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, Lake Harriet Law Office provides outstanding legal representation exclusively in the areas of Divorce and Family Law.  We represent clients throughout the Twin Cities.

Scheduling an Initial Consultation

If you are looking to set up an initial consultation with our firm for your Family Law case, please give us a call at our number (612-750-4843) or go online to our website, www.lakeharrietlaw.com, and submit a request form.

At Lake Harriet Law Office, we provide strong legal representation for our clients who are going through divorce and family law matters, and we use a data-focused financial approach to address the division of assets and debts.

Managing Attorney – Randall A. Smith

Student Attorney – McKenzie Harter

Student Attorney – Taylor Blatchford

Student Attorney – Katie Arndt

Published On: June 1, 2020Categories: Family Law Updates

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