202, 2015

Attorney Amber C. Bretl Joins Lake Harriet Law Office

February 2, 2015|

Amber C. Bretl joined Lake Harriet Law Office as Associate Attorney in November of 2014.  Ms. Bretl earned her J.D. from Hamline University School of Law and her B.A. in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  She is a member of the Minnesota Bar Association and [...]

1401, 2014

The Minnesota Family Court Process

January 14, 2014|

Throughout Minnesota, Family Court provides an opportunity for parties to resolve legal issues that involve important matters such as Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, Property Division and Spousal Maintenance.  For most people, Family Court can be overwhelming and intimidating; there are numerous Family Law rules and procedures, and [...]

1912, 2012

Minneapolis Divorce | Tax Issues and Children

December 19, 2012|

The tax benefits for a qualifying child are: 1) Head of Household filing status; 2) Child and Dependent Care Credit; and 3) Earned Income Credit.  These three benefits can only be claimed by a parent who meets the definition of a custodial parent pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 152(e)(4)(A).  There [...]

2411, 2012

Divorce – Asset Division

November 24, 2012|

A just and equitable division of marital assets does not need to be mathematically equal.  An award of 53.8 percent of the marital estate to the Wife and 46.2 percent to Husband was upheld in the case of Trosvig v Trosvig, A-10 (Minn. Ct. App. May 31, 2011).  During divorce, [...]

511, 2012

Hennepin County Divorce – FENE – SENE

November 5, 2012|

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a process that is increasingly being used and ordered by Courts to help resolve Family Law issues involving child custody and parenting time (referred to as SENE).  In addition the ENE process can assist parties with the resolution of financial matters (referred to as FENE) [...]

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