Financial issues and Divorce

2002, 2020

Post-Decree Issues – Modifying a Spousal Maintenance Award

February 20, 2020|

Spousal maintenance, also known as “alimony,” is an award of financial support one party (“obligor”) temporarily or permanently provides to the other party (“obligee”) for a mutually agreed-upon or court-ordered amount. A Minnesota court may grant an award upon finding that the obligee is without enough property or financial resources [...]

205, 2019

A Positive Divorce – What We Can Learn From Celebrities

May 2, 2019|

There are certain normal events which create major stress in our lives. The top category is life transitions. These transitions include moving, starting a new job, marriage, divorce, and death. It’s tempting to instantly categorize each of these events as a positive or negative experience, but any one of them [...]

1502, 2019

Navigating FAFSA While Going Through the Divorce Process

February 15, 2019|

Going through a divorce isn’t easy on a family, but when you pair that with one of the kids getting ready to go off to college, it can get a lot more difficult and confusing. Most issues concerning divorce and college are financial. Who is paying for which expenses? What [...]

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