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1201, 2020

Minnesota Divorce and Disproportionate Divisions of Property

January 12, 2020|

Property division can be a tricky part of your divorce and sometimes can become a point of contention between the parties.  This is why, generally, property divisions are supposed to be equitable so that each party receives a fair amount in the division.  There are two categories of property in [...]

601, 2020

Benefits of Counseling During and After Divorce

January 6, 2020|

The effects of divorce are like those of other significant life-changing events, including natural disasters, illnesses, and serious accidents.[1] The stages of grief-denial, pain and uncertainty, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance-are normal and typical experiences during the divorce process.[2] Whether or not divorce is amicable or includes children or property, [...]

205, 2019

A Positive Divorce – What We Can Learn From Celebrities

May 2, 2019|

There are certain normal events which create major stress in our lives. The top category is life transitions. These transitions include moving, starting a new job, marriage, divorce, and death. It’s tempting to instantly categorize each of these events as a positive or negative experience, but any one of them [...]

2310, 2017

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) and the Imputation of Income

October 23, 2017|

During a divorce proceeding, and once a divorce is finalized, the court may order that one spouse pay alimony, or what Minnesota refers to as spousal maintenance, to the other spouse.  The primary reason for spousal maintenance is to provide cash flow to a spouse in order to approximate the [...]

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