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1706, 2019

The Use of Mediation to Address Summer Parenting-Time Issues

June 17, 2019|

All parents face challenges over the summer, but when you are in the middle of a divorce, parenting-time issues are bound to arise.  Both parents typically want to have the children for as much time during the summer as possible. The problem is, your kids can’t be in two places [...]

709, 2017

Who Gets The House? And Other Questions Relating to Division of Assets.

September 7, 2017|

When our parents were young, life progressed in this fashion: finish school; get married; buy a house; have children; retire. As life changed, this progression has also changed for many.  Maybe you bought a house after you finished school and before you even met your spouse. Maybe you had children [...]

2708, 2017

Mediation in Minnesota Family Law Cases

August 27, 2017|

What is Family Mediation?  Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process. Under Minnesota General Rules of Practice 114.02, mediation is defined as “a forum in which a third party neutral facilitates communication between parties to promote settlement. A mediator may not impose his or her own judgement on the [...]

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